Vanquish Sports & Entertainment Management (VSEM)

Vanquish Sports & Entertainment Management (VSEM) are a sports and entertainment management agency based in the heart of Leicestershire, England that represents leading talents within the sports and entertainment industry.

Founded in 2009 by sports enthusiast Alistair Pettitt starting with promoting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events under the brand “Fight UK” and then focusing on individual clients within MMA. Our MMA clients include three times champion Fraser “The Omen” Opie who appeared on season 17 of the UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” reality TV show and former Leicester Riders Basketball player James Hurrell.

In the summer of 2013 VSEM relocated the business operations to a new office and added three more full time personnel to the team at VSEM to support the growing client base.

With the relocation of the new UK office and a South African based office from 2014 the future is looking bright for this new era here at VSEM.

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